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The Complete WWII Experience

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The Complete WWII Experience


Take a musical trip back to the heart of the Blitz where life on the home front meant blackout boards and air raid sirens were commonplace. Experience a time when a strong feeling of community and collective stoicism was helped along by the morale-boosting melodies that transmitted through the wireless.  

The Show

The scene is set as the spotlight falls on ‘Winston Churchill’, who addresses the audience with a powerful declaration speech. As the show transpires, outstanding tributes to some of the most recognisable artistes from the era seek to recreate performances that kept our nation’s spirits bright. From music hall entertainer George Formby to fellow ENSA performer and Forces’ Sweetheart, Vera Lynn, the show gives an insight into the entertainment observed by our troops during the Second World War. 

Heading Stateside to our American allies, the musical journey continues with songs from close harmony singing group, The Andrews Sisters, and the distinct swing dance orchestra that was the Glenn Miller Big Band. The grand finale builds up to an impressive climax as all of the acts come together to perform a show-stopping chorus with the impeccably choreographed Twin Swing Dancers.

The Charm

Capturing the patriotic spirit of the wartime era, this nostalgic variety concert celebrates the most memorable music that made its way across the airwaves during World War II. With original audio and film footage interspersed throughout, audiences can expect an authentic entertainment experience which will ignite warm memories, both old and new. Bespoke packages can be tailored to suit smaller budgets and venues

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